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2014 Beers

2015 Beers to be announced shortly

We are delighted that once again in 2014 we have the support of our good friends Phil and Ian at Brass Castle brewery to help us select and source this years find cask and keg ales.

Jamie Hawksworth from the very successful Pivovar (you know Euston Tap, York Tap, Pivni York....) is onboard again to help select and source our craft Lagers.

Following on from the success of 2013, where we sourced a good number of our beers from Scotland, the north and south east of England, this year we're going to theme it again, keeping it local and finding all our beers from within God's Own County (that's Yorkshire!).

So the briefs have been passed over to Phil, Ian and Jamie, yorkshire beers and a good selection of craft and continental lager.  Away you go chaps!

Do you have a favourite Yorkshire ale which you would like to see us serve at the Pocktoberfest?  Why not let us know via our contact page, facebook or twitter, we might just be able to oblige!

Keep an eye on this page and our social media for more info on this years beers!

Real Ales

Darkness (Mild - 4.2%)
Aromatic roast malts give a deep red colour and Fuggles Hops give a mild level of bitterness and aroma.
Blonde (Blonde - 4.0%)
Sometimes you just need a beer that is fresh, smooth, citrus and easy to drink.
Dazed & Confused (Milk Stout - 5.5%)
Love Over Gold (Pale Ale - 4.1%)
 Grapefruit and grassy notes make Love Over Gold happy, hoppy, light and refreshing.  Well-balanced, it's the perfect accompaniment to fish and light meals.  This New World Blonde Ale could keep you company all night long.Brewery
Bosphorus Brewing Co
A seasonal surprise from Turkey/Malton!
Brass Castle
Mosaic (Pale Ale - 4.3%)
A collaborative celebration of the 'wonder hop' Mosaic - in a dry-hopped 4.3% pale ale crafted to unleash every complexity of this citrusy/piney/tropical fruit-heavy cone.
Brass Castle
Sovereign (Pale Ale - 4.0%)
A 4% wet-hoped ale with fresh Sovereign Hops from Yorkshire Hops.“Bloke from Hull” helped on brew day – if you know him you should appreciate the clip, if you don’t know him don’t ask!
Brass Castle
Tail Gunner (Rye Bitter - 4.0%)
A 4.0% dry-hopped rye session ale. Brewed to recognise Sgt Lincoln Orville Lynch DFM. a Jamaican ace air gunner who served with 102 Squadron, RAF Pocklington. 
Brass Castle
Vampyre (Red Ale - 4.3%)
 A fiendishly hot 4.3% reddish ale, perfect for fangers at Halloween. 
Brown Cow
Scruffs Gold (Golden Ale - 4.2%)
A well balanced golden traditional English style ale brewed with top quality Maris Otter Malt and English hops.  
Ghost of Luis (Blonde - 4.0%)
Blonde beer, smoothly bittered with pleasant fruity hoppy finish.
Great Heck
Dave (Bitter - 3.8%)
Dark, silky smooth session bitter brewed with copious quantities of finest English chocolate and crystal malts whose richness is balanced to perfection by the subtle bitterness and hints of berries from the addition of whole English hop flowers.
Half Moon
Galileo (Pale Ale - 3.8%)
A bright blonde ale with refreshing citrus notes and a crisp finish.
Hop Studio
Obsidian (Black IPA - 5.0%)
A well-structured black IPA with notes of grapefruit, balanced by powerful pine scent hops. Dark but unexpectedly refreshing. 
North Riding
Spiced Pumpkin Ale (Speciality - 5.0%)
 Deep red in colour with roast pumpkin and our secret blend of spices. 
Big Red (Red Ale - 4.0%)
Brewed with pale, wheat, crystal and chocolate malts, this is a rich, full bodied ruby red ale, bursting with complex flavours. Bitterness and aroma come from the addition of generous quantities of Slovenian grown Atlas hops. Citrus, fruit and spice aromas dominate.
Ratweiller (Pale Ale - 4.1%)
A pale hoppy ale featuring Citra, Simcoe and Chinook hops. Dry hopped for extra aroma
GoGo American Pale Ale (Pale Ale - 4.5%)
An American Pale ale, hopped with three American ‘C’ hops.
Black Moss Stout (Stout - 3.6%)
A heavy, jet black stout. Roast malt dominates on the palate.
Raspberry Blonde (Blonde - 4.0%)
Refreshingly blonde ale delicately infused with raspberry flavours.


Svetly (Lager - 4.7%)
A golden Pilsner-style lager, characterized by its richness of colour and aromatic bouquet. Bernard Beer provides a full bodied flavor – smooth and refreshing with no aftertaste – a well balanced brew. 
Floris Framboise (Fruit Beer - 3.6%)
A top-fermented fruity Witbier with a pleasant raspberry, wheaty, coriander and orange aroma. This beer has a sweet raspberry mouthfeel and a excellent sweet-sour balance. The aftertaste has a long-lasting raspberry effect.
Weisse (Wheat Beer - 3.2%)
 The careful selection of the finest wheat and barley malts gives Maisel’s Weisse its bright reddish amber colour and the generations of master brewers brewing traditional method of bottle fermentation with yeast from our own pure breeding gives it its unique character. The fresh smell of lees and pleasant fruit notes combines the Antrunk with mild seasoning made from malt, fruit and clove aroma and a nuance of nutmeg. In the aftermath then unfolds for Maisel’s Weisse typical, slightly fruity, spicy wheat beer flavour. 
Special Brew Pocktoberfest 2014 Festival Lager (Lager - 4.2%)

Ciders & Perries

Orchards of Husthwaite
Blush Cider (Cider - 6.0%)
Orchards of Husthwaite
Dry Cider (Cider - 6.3%)
Orchards of Husthwaite
Rhubarb Cider (Cider - 6.0%)
Orchards of Husthwaite
Toffee Cider (Cider - 6.0%)